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Kevin Geary: Conscious Eating, Developing Awareness & Children Psychology

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Kevin Geary: Conscious Eating, Developing Awareness & Children Psychology

From Mind Body Musings Podcast: Feminine Embodiment | Surrender & Trust | Relationships | Limiting Beliefs | Authenticity

Length: 68 mins


Episode 6: Kevin Geary is an integrative health coach, founder of Rebooted Body, and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. He uses a unique blend of ancestral science and modern psychology to help men and women reprogram their body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance. He currently has clients in 17 different countries in his Total Body Reboot online program.

We had an AWESOME show today. Here's what we talked about:

How yo-yo dieting can lead you to weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure
The answer to real health (and even weight loss) can be found in the principles of the ancestral health movement
The mental and emotional aspects of food and weight
How to develop positive self-talk and become aware of what you say to yourself
When other parts of your life are disordered, food can become the control mechanism
How to raise children to feel their emotions out, instead of telling them how to feel
Why a person develops the majority of their beliefs and thoughts between ages 0-5
Functional movement and activity (hint- you don't need a gym for this one)

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