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ZBT #206: A Presidential Turkey Soup Sandwich

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ZBT #206: A Presidential Turkey Soup Sandwich

From Zero Blog Thirty

Length: 60 mins


Round 1: It's time for ALLL Navy folks to take advantage of our ad deals with Dollar Shave Club because you nasty little squids will no longer be able to get a permanent no-shave chit. Round 2: Any time we can take a dump on O-6s and above, we will. The towel policy at an Air Force Base is outrageous. We shame those senior leaders who allow it. Round 3: Kate sat down with the viral philly hero…. // Yep, an Army veteran saved people from a burning building, but he went viral for reasons involvin' the Eagles, yo go BirdsRound 4: October 7th was the 18th birthday for the war in Afghanistan. Now the war can vote, buy cigarettes and porn, and even enlist to fight itself WITHOUT its parent's permission. A lot has changed in the world in 18 years so we take a trip back in time.Round 5: President Trump announced that the US will be leaving the Kurdish and Turkey border. Folks from both sides of the aisle are poo-pooing the decision. We try to wrap our brains around what's happening. Round 6: Our deepest concern goes out to the host or hostess at the Longhorn Steakhouse who had to inform guests that the longstanding military discount is no longer offered.
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