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What On Earth Is Happening #219

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What On Earth Is Happening #219

From What On Earth Is Happening

Length: 180 mins


Video: What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #219
Date: 2019-08-11
Topics: Telsa & Humanity's Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited, Jeffrey Epstein possibly "suicided" in prison, the Government is run by Dark Occultists/Pedophile/Satanists, Pizzagate/Pedogate, Mark’s upcoming appearance in “Unsustainable” documentary by James Jaeger, New Podcast Section instructions on how to view/listen and learn from the WOEIH Podcasts, Tesla's vision for the Human future powered by Free Energy, Scalar Wave Technology, Advancement and viability of Tesla Technology, the Control of Energy is the Control of Humanity, Manufactured Scarcity of energy, Scarcity-Based Mind Control, the Scarcity Energy Paradigm, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, True Unsustainability, Humanity’s downward spiral spiritually, Post-Apocalyptic Cosmic Judgement is upon Human society, Lower-level thugs who take payoffs to continue corruption also keep the immoral Energy Paradigm in place, the True definition of the Paradigm Shift in Consciousness, the Consciousness that must precede Free Energy manifestation, Most people in the "Free" energy movement don't understand the "Free" part and are still Statists supporting Human Slavery, the 20 Characteristics of the True Paradigm Shift in Human Consciousness explained, the Equality of the spiritual and Physical "Domains," Release from Lower-self Identification and Attachment, Moral Relativism, the Understanding of the Human Condition as Slavery, Occulted Knowledge is for EVERYONE to understand, the Failure of the Occult Mystery Traditions to change the Human Condition of Slavery because they stayed too attached to Occult Knowledge as "reserved only for some people."
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