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Royce Young of

From Sports Illustrated Media Podcast

Length: 58 mins


Episode 117 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features ESPN NBA writer Royce Young, who is based in Oklahoma City and covers the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In this podcast, Young discusses the birth and death of
his daughter, Eva Grace Young; how he and and his wife, Keri, found out that their unborn daughter had a rare birth defect called anencephaly; how faith played a role for he and Keri during their journey; the internal dilemma of how much he wanted to share publicly about his daughter; his professional relationship with Russell Westbrook; the charges from some readers that he is a homer for Oklahoma teams; his coverage of Kevin Durant and what kind of subject Durant was; how the Thunder PR staff has changed in dealing with reporters; what the Thunder must do heading forward; the future of Westbrook in Oklahoma City; the pluses and minuses of working in a small market for ESPN, and much more.

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