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The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/03/15: The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/03/15

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The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/03/15: The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/03/15

From The_C.O.W.S.

Length: 1 min


The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new terms, observations, research findings, workplace problems or triumphs, and/or suggestions on how best to Replace White Supremacy With Justice ASAP. We'll use these sessions to hone our use of words as tools to reveal truth, neutralize White people. We'll examine news reports from the past seven days and - hopefully - promote a constructive dialog. #ANTIBLACKNESS 2014 concluded with enormous conflagrations directly related to White Supremacy. Members of the New York Police Department instituted a work stoppage to demonstrate their disgust with with Mayor Bill De Blasio (cowbell). Republican Congressman Steve Scalise is backpedaling, obfuscating and claiming White Ignorance to explain his 2002 speech to a White Supremacist organization. John Crawford's family continues to be terrorized; Crawford's girlfriend (Tasha Thomas) was killed in a gruesome and suspicious car crash. After 57 years Joan Williams was finally permitted to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade; she was refused entry in 1958 when Whites discovered she was a nigger. Whites scurried to defend the honor of President Lyndon B. Johnson, many of them believed that the recent film Selma painted LBJ as a Racist, just another White opponent of the so called Civil Rights Movement. #AnswersForMiriamCarey INVEST in The COWS - CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943# SKYPE: FREECONFERENCECALLHD.7676 CODE 564943# The C.O.W.S. archives:
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