What On Earth Is Happening #184

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What On Earth Is Happening #184

From What On Earth Is Happening

Length: 124 mins


Date: 2015-01-31
Topics: The Neo-Feminism Agenda and the War Between the Sexes, Epi-Eugenics, Neo-Feminism as an example of the Hegelian Dialectic, Neo-Feminism vs. Classical Feminism, Neo-Feminism's embrace of Statism, the Social Divide that has grown between the Sexes, the Authentic vs. Inauthentic Human, Involvement of Think-Tanks in the Neo-Feminist Agenda, Incrementalism, Fabian Socialism, Neo-Feminism's roots in Satanism and Dark Occultism, The Satanic Witch as a handbook for the manipulation of men, the Me-Me-Me Satanic mind-set is where most women and men are trapped, the destruction of the Family dynamic, broken Parenting in human society, the Non-Moral "raising" of children leading to Moral Decay on a mass scale, why the Emasculation of Men is so important to the Neo-Feminism Agenda, the Corporate Door-Mat "Man," the Socially-Engineered Attraction of the Inauthentic Woman to the Inauthentic Man, the Control Dynamic and the Dialectic of "Dominator or Door-Mat," the untrue Myth that we live in a Patriarchy, Human Society is an Occultocracy, The First Question a Woman asks to a Man in a first encounter, the Psychological root causal factors of WHY Women immediately ask men the question "What do you do for a living?," most women caught up in and chasing the Illusion of "Security" and "Safety," Money as human beings' God and Ultimate Religion, Men seen and used by many women as a "resource," Hypergamy, very few people care about the difference between Right and Wrong, the danger of thinking that the Socially-Engineered Condition of most human beings is actually "Human Nature," the Imbalanced Ratio between Men and Women in the "Truth Movement," the inane and vapid mind-set of most young women in our society, the "Hipster" Epidemic, why modern Males are so emasculated and feminized, Neo-Feminism as a Divide-And-Conquer strategy, some Women stand against the Neo-Feminism Agenda and see it for what it truly is, Neo-Feminist opposition to Gun Ownership, Pedophilia at the highest levels of Government and its cover-up, the Unholy Wedding of the Woman to the State, Unresolved Psychological Parental Abandonment Issues, the Abuse-Victim Cycle, Worldview Poisoning.
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