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Kobe and Shaq - It All Comes Apart | 5

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Kobe and Shaq - It All Comes Apart | 5

From One Plus One

Length: 26 mins


Kobe’s life seems perfect. At 24 years old, he’s already a three-time NBA champion, as well as a husband and father. Then, one night in Colorado, he opens the door to his hotel room and lets a young woman in. The next day she files charges of sexual assault.Shaq has a very different sort of problem. He’s 30 years old, no longer the dominant player he once was, and his contract is set to expire.When the 2003-2004 season begins, neither of them are focused on the game. Shaq is on edge because he doesn’t have a new contract. Kobe’s on edge because he’s facing a potential life sentence. Once again, they take it out on each other, and the fragile balance of opposites that brought home three Lakers championships is under threat. Something’s gotta give.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Robinhood - To get a FREE stock, go to plusone.robinhood.comUber Rewards - For terms and to learn more about all the ways you can earn Uber rewards go to
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