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Ep. 203: When Butch Chicks Exhibit Toxic Masculinity: Elsa Waithe the Woke Comedian

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Ep. 203: When Butch Chicks Exhibit Toxic Masculinity: Elsa Waithe the Woke Comedian

From The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Length: 91 mins


Dudes aren’t the only people who can exhibit toxic masculinity. Pre-woke comedian Elsa Waithe was a queer, butch f*ckboi once upon a time. But now she is a leader in the New York City activist movement, leading protests against racial oppression and anti-queer Trump antics. Activism even led her to Love in a fascinating Black Lives Matter meet cute. Hear her story and start making a protest sign! Check your privilege at the door—and roll your eyes at me if you must! ALSO: Dillon Birdsall has an exciting update about his documentary V-Card! PLUS: racism, “girl clothes”, Facebook jail, gender, Proud Boys, and #MeToo apologies! Join us for today’s Fanwhore Facebook Live Hangout! Hashtag Pay For Your Porn! This month I supported Trenchcoatx! Mentioned in the show: The Proud Boys Swipe It Forward Safety Pin Box See Elsa record a half-hour on March 2nd! Get tickets for V-Card: The Film at Cinekink on March 15th! Check out Elsa Waithe online! Twitter: @elsajustelsa Affirmative Laughter 2 Spicy podcast Get your weekend pass to ManwhoreCon at Become a member of my fanwhore community for just $1! Click here to pledge today! Go to a 24/7 digital strip club in your home on CamSoda! Get 50 free tokens when you sign up at! The Manwhore Podcast is sponsored by Pure. Download Pure to get casual sex tonight! Email your comments, questions, or to support the ManwhoreCon Scholarship “Fund” at
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