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Evernote Secrets That Will Help You Develop a “Photographic Memory” & A Powerful “External Brain” with Charles Byrd

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Evernote Secrets That Will Help You Develop a “Photographic Memory” & A Powerful “External Brain” with Charles Byrd

From The Science of Success

Length: 46 mins


In this interview we discuss how to create an “external brain” that lets you keep track of your tasks, projects, ideas and inspirations - while freeing your conscious mind for the most productive and focused thinking - we explore how you can connect the external world of meetings and events with your internal world of ideas and thoughts in a uniquely powerful way, and we demonstrate how you can save up to 144 hours a year using a few simple techniques with our guest Charles Byrd.Charles Byrd is a productivity and organizational expert and the founder of Byrd Word. He’s known as the world’s foremost Evernote guru.  As a productivity expert, Charles coaches CEOs and entrepreneurs how to "Kill the Chaos" of information overload.  Evernote is a “trusted system” you can apply to your life, profession, business etc. Creating an “external brain” to keep track of your tasks, projects, ideas, inspirationThe powerful merger of collecting things from your internal worlds and external world and connecting them Your “5 second superpower” - find whatever you want or need in 5 seconds or less Do you use Evernote for one “specific thing” instead of everything? How you can find key information you need in high pressure and difficult situations How you can cut down on task switching How you can be more focused and creative by taking processing load out of your conscious mind How to tag things in Evernote for instant and easy recallWho, What, Where Why How to hack Siri shortcuts to amp the power of Evernote to the next levelThe “Power Trifecta” - a combination of tools, work flows, and habits to create the most optimized routines possible Simple tactics you can use to start adding things to Evernote right away “Do I need it, do I dig it?"How to begin with Evernote if you’ve always wanted to, but aren’t sure where to startHow you can save 3 hours a week using Evernote - that’s 144 hours a year - 18 working days of reclaimed timeCreate a Siri shortcut for master list and marketing idea notesHow you can feel like a rock star who can do anything How to hack meetings to be more productive Click the “Task” Checkbox on any action items you have within a meeting or conversationWrite a 1-2 sentence summary of the meeting and any key action items Evernote is the “cornerstone” of productive sanity Evernote is the foundation of being productive in the modern dayLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
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