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Elizabeth Robinson—Giving a Good Reading and Why it Matters

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Elizabeth Robinson—Giving a Good Reading and Why it Matters

From The Writing University Podcast

Length: 48 mins


Most often we encounter work on the page, but haven’t we all had the experience of being transported by hearing the author give a reading of his or her own work? What happens when we have the opportunity, as listeners, to hear literature presented directly by the author? And what happens, as writer, when we have the opportunity to embody our work before an audience? This talk will give practical advice about preparing a public reading of your work: how to select and edit work for a public reading, how to approach the audience, and how—imagine this!—to enjoy the special energy of presenting your work to an audience. In addition, this talk will suggest ways that public readings are effective ways of promoting your work and entering more fully and deeply into a literary community.
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