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L8R Reichstag Barbie, No WAY We’re Bad At Kissing 4.9.19

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L8R Reichstag Barbie, No WAY We’re Bad At Kissing 4.9.19

From The Daily Zeitgeist

Length: 61 mins


In episode 366, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Sofiya Alexandra to discuss how to banish telemarketers from calling you, Modern Monetary Theory, Trump picking Herman Cain to run the Federal Reserve, Kirstjen Nielsen resigning as Homeland Security Secretary, how the Dunning Kruger Effect is selective, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Banish telemarketers from your phone2. Modern Monetary Theory Finds an Embrace in an Unexpected Place: Wall Street3. MMT – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly4. Herman Cain drops out of presidential race5. Why We Need the Fed6. Trump Says Herman Cain, Ex-Pizza Executive, Is in ‘Good Shape’ for Fed Seat7. Dimon: U.S. student loan debt is ‘now starting to affect the economy’8. Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary9. Trump is removing US Secret Service director10. ‘It’s way too many’: As vacancies pile up in Trump administration, senators grow concerned11. Not so above average after all: When people believe they are worse than average and its implications for theories of bias in social comparison12. Pessimistic Bias in Comparative Evaluations: A Case of Perceived Vulnerability to the Effects of Negative Life Events13. WATCH: Infinite Bisous - Sole Mate Learn more about your ad-choices at
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