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326: Let Me Blow Your Mind: Game Changing Tough Love

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326: Let Me Blow Your Mind: Game Changing Tough Love

From Primal Potential

Length: 27 mins


Tough love alert!  The #1 most valuable, high impact thing you can do to improve your body & your health is improve your mindset. I can't tell you how much people dismiss this truth and instead only want to focus on diet & exercise strategy. Guys, our minds create our lives. Our thoughts drive our decisions. When you improve your mind, you make every other change in life exponentially easier. In today's episode I'm sharing a few things, mindset related, that really hit me hard this week because I want you to accept this reality: If you want to change your body or your health, change your mind. It changes everything. Resources: Breaking Barriers - Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs & Emotional Eating What Is Breaking Barriers Summer Fat Loss Fast Track Wait List How To Leave A Rating & Review (thank you!!!)
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