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213: Dillan Digiovanni on Activism and Identity

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213: Dillan Digiovanni on Activism and Identity

From The One You Feed

Length: 39 mins


Please Support The Show with a DonationDillan Digiovanni used to be a really angry activist. He believed his anger was an important driver to fuel his work to inspire change in the world. Then he had a revelation: His anger wasn't working. It was driving other people away and it was toxic to himself. Where his path led him from there has turned out to be quite an adventure. He's now an activist without the energy of anger and he now identifies as a man. This interview will inspire you to live your truth. It will inspire you to examine your own life and be better because of it. This important conversation is not only relevant to the issues of today, but it proves to be perennially relevant to how we decide to live our lives in the skin we're in.This episode is sponsored by Health IQ. Get lower rates on life insurance if you are health conscious. Get free quote hereand by Casper In This Interview, Dillan DiGiovanni and I Discuss...The Wolf ParableHow, as an activist, his anger was driving people awayThat there's no right way to do anythingIf you're angry all of the time you're constantly looking for the threatHis gender identity transitionThat anger can be a healthy thingSearching for the feeling that's underneath the angerThe harm in being angry at people for being ignorant about an issueThe way anger impacts your perspective on life and other peopleThe harm in saying "they did this because..." when what you're working with is an assumptionHis relationship to anger now that he's awake to itThe power of "allowing" vs "resisting"His story of transitioning his gender identityResilienceHow to live in the world when no one person understands all of youThe anger that arises when your expectations about how other people should behave aren't metThe power of meeting people where they really areHow to work with your vision about how the world should beThe power of the serenity prayerWhat happened when he let go of his anger as an activistHis Buddhist traditionHaving a meditation practicePlease Support The Show with a Donation
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