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669: BEST OF 2017: Women, Work & Money Featuring

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669: BEST OF 2017: Women, Work & Money Featuring

From So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Length: 27 mins


This is our third show dedicated to reviewing the best of the year. Today, we are focusing on the intersection of women, work and money.As you can imagine, this topic came up a lot in 2017. It was a historical year for women. Starting back in January, we had the Women’s March on Washington, which was reportedly the biggest single-day demonstration recorded in our country’s history. Then late in the year, the #metoo movement, an outpouring of women’s accounts of sexual harassment in the workplace led to a number of high-profile and highly paid men losing their jobs over overwhelming claims of sexual misconduct.Call me an optimist, but I sort of feel like the New Year has got to see an uptick in female hires and promotions. Right? But to bring this all back to the podcast and the goal of So Money, in this episode we'll bring stories and strategies that can help us all conquer our financial challenges, especially for us women.This episode features excerpts from:Sallie Krawcheck, "Own It" Author from EP 532Alice Finn, "Smart Women Love Money" Author from EP 582Lisen Stromberg, "Work Pause Thrive" Author from EP 535Deepa Purushothaman, National Managing Director of Deloitte's Women's Initiative from EP 553For more information visit
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